Olive Arin:

The Night Phantom



"A complete page turner!" - Zoya, Goodreads user

Summertime for Olive Arin usually involves bodega snacks and attempts to avoid her bullies. But Olive's dad has other plans when he sends her to a camp for People of Magic, just like her. Adventures are aplenty for the new faces among the wizards, vampires, and shape-shifters called nocturners -- but then campers disappear. Pranks and hexes may be the least of Olive's worries, especially at night.

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Book 2

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A year has passed since Olive Arin's first summer at Camp Moon Dip, and she's itching for another season of magic. However, her excitement may be short-lived once she meets Moon Dip's new director. With the entire summer on the line, a choice will have to be made: endure weeks of unwelcome change or find a way to bring Moon Dip back to its former glory. But even the best plans don't always work out.


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Book 3 of the Olive Arin Series:

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